QP: More Vue.js goodness on the Changelog podcast including a great discussion about the nature of open source and personal projects

Yet another great discussion about Vue.js on the Changelog podcast (http://5by5.tv/changelog/184). Whereas the Fullstack Radio interview (https://eli4d.com/?s=Fullstack+vue.js) focuses on where to begin with Vue.js, the Changelog’s interview focuses on Vue’s origin as well as its comparison with other frameworks.

One additional aspect that this episode touches on is the nature of open source and the ‘line’ between a personal project versus an enterprise worthy one. This discussion begins around 55:40 minutes into the podcast. For anyone trying to persuade your company/management about the merits of using an open source project (whether Vue.js or otherwise), this discussion is for you. I especially like Jerod’s (https://changelog.com/author/jerodsanto/) preceptive comments about assumptions of support and laziness when it comes to open source.