The eli4d Gazette – Issue 067:’s Deep Learning Course and SvN Blog moving from Medium to WordPress’s Deep Learning Course

I came across this deep learning site: It looks like a great learning tool for anyone who is interested in machine learning.

Additionally, the Hacker News thread about this site also references other deep learning resources which seem pretty neat.

The Signal versus Noise Blog moving from Medium to WordPress

The Signal versus Noise Blog has been around since 1999. It is a mixture of a company (Basecamp) blog and the strong opinions of Jason Fried, as well as DHH (aka David Heinemeier Hansson).

The blog just got moved from Medium to WordPress. Medium is a blog publishing platform that changed business models over time (like many businesses that starts with a freemium model and realize that it’s unsustainable at some point).

I find it instructive to look at the reasons for this move:

  • DHH’s tweets about the move from Medium to WordPress
  • Basecamp’s podcast episode covering the move

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The eli4d Gazette – Issue 044

Tech Pick

I listened to an excellent Changelog (podcast) episode about the Blockchain and Gitcoin. While Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies are all the rage now, this episode focuses on the long-term value of Blockchain based technologies (things like container tracking, AI, and control of our personal data).

Kevin Owocki is an optimist about the future of blockchain. He’s also refreshingly honest about the strengths and weaknesses of the blockchain approach.

I tweeted some audio time marks/notes for this episode, and they can be found on my blog.

Media Pick

My media pick for this issue is the media of Medium. For quite a long time, I’ve seen various companies and individuals move their blogs to Medium.

I’ve always felt that Medium was a great place to expose content to additional eyes, but I never thought of it as a great canonical place for information that I share with the world.

This week, Bare Metrics founder Josh Pigford came out with a well researched/thought-out article explaining why he is transitioning his company’s blog away from Medium. It’s a well-written article that pulls no punches and explains the metrics of his decision.

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