The eli4d Gazette – Issue 061: The Best Password Generators in the Galaxy and Text Web Pages

Password Generators

For the weekly Zoom check-ins for my online Python class I’ve had to put passwords on the videos, and I found the best password generator in the universe (ok so I’m exaggerating):

Obviously, this is for lower security passwords, but they’re really fun. How can you go wrong with bluehen44, firstfork77, or sadland33? If you have kids, you might as well train them on some good password hygiene using this site.

The same site has stronger passwords if you click the “Another Strong password, please” button. But if you want a super strong random password, then you need to use GRC’s Perfect Passwords generator. Needless to say, you will need to use a password manager to remember these (1Password is my current favorite though DashLane is a close second).

Text Web Pages for People with Limited Bandwidth and Power

I came across an interesting article about how some news organization are providing text versions of their sites for people with limited bandwidth and power (like those folks in hurricanes). Removing JavaScript for this sort of use makes complete sense, and it also provides a good reminder about stepping back and thinking about the audience that is using your site.

Note: I think that NPR’s URL is great because it is easy to remember. It is another way that NPR makes it easy to not rely on other services to go to NPR’s text version of their site.

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The eli4d Gazette – Issue 050: The Design in Tech Report and Google’s Lighthouse Web Page Quality Tool

Design in Tech Report

I came across John Maeda‘s Design in Tech Report while listening to an episode of the Post Status Draft podcast. It’s a comprehensive report how design fits with technology. There’s a desktop version that’s easy to navigate.

An Quality Audit tool for Web Pages

I bumped into a really neat tool from Google that’s built right into Chrome Dev Tools. Lighthouse can be run on any web page. It provides audits for performance, accessibility, and progressive web apps.

I ran Lighthouse against a couple of pages including, and the results were quite interesting.

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