The eli4d Gazette – Issue 017

Issue 017: 2016-10-26

Tech Pick

One of my favorite iPhone apps has been a weather app called Check the Weather by David Smith. I’ve been using this app since day one. Last week the developer has decided to discontinue support for this app. It’s an interesting topic – discontinuing/sunsetting an app (and by proxy – a business idea). David Smith reflected on this issue through his blog and podcast. It’s an interesting view into how an indie developer deals with the realities of the app store and his business.

The Election

I’ll leave the presidential race to main media. If you live in California – figuring what propositions to vote on is a real pain in the a**. I’ve written article on how to use a ‘follow the money’ approach:

I’m using the above methodology to compile my own choices to the 2016 propositions. If you think this list would be useful to you – let me know.

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