The eli4d Gazette – Issue 041

Tech Pick

While I usually range far and wide from politics Net Neutrality is an issue that fundamentally affects everyone’s use of the Internet. Net Neutrality is once again threatened by the current FCC chairman – Ajit Pai. There is much that can be said about Mr. Pai, his attack on Net Neutrality and his motivations.

It seems like the only way this issue will ever be resolved is if Congress passes a law that fully protects Net Neutrality.

Useful links regarding this:

Media Pick

Do you use YouTube Kids? Even if you’ve never heard of this app – what immediately think of when reading about this app? You would probably think that it is safe for kids. However, you would be wrong:

The best one-paragraph summary comes from the above article:

“Algorithms are not a substitute for human intervention, and when it comes to creating a safe environment for children, you need humans,” Mr. Golin said. His group and the Center for Digital Democracy filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in 2015 accusing YouTube Kids of deceptive marketing to parents based on inappropriate videos.

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