The eli4d Gazette – Issue 039

Tech Pick I’ve mentioned Julia Evans’ awesomeness in an Issue 14 and her neat zines where she draws cartoons/comics to explain technical concepts. In a recent blog post Julia goes over her steps for teaching technical concepts with cartoons. It’s a nice actionable article covering a fun approach to technical writing. She references Scott McCloud’s … Continue reading The eli4d Gazette – Issue 039

The eli4d Gazette – Issue 031

Tech Pick Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is currently running in San Jose. Two interesting points from Monday’s keynote: The keynote was peppered with hardware announcements iOS 11 gets a new developer API around augmented reality (ARKit) For those looking for a summary of the keynote: There’s a nice 19 minute YouTube video stitching together all … Continue reading The eli4d Gazette – Issue 031

The eli4d Gazette – Issue 020

Issue 020: 2016-12-08 Tech Pick The app economy is an evolving beast. In a recent episode of the Release Notes Charles and Joe interview Macpaw’s founder about a new consumer/developer service called Setapp. It’s a subscription-based approach to Mac applications. The idea is that as a consumer you pay $9.99 per month, and you have … Continue reading The eli4d Gazette – Issue 020