Quick Post via Twitter: Neat @devchattv #JavaScript episode with @MichaelNorth about #EmberJS ethos and approach: https://t.co/lqFLZBF10w #qp #AngularJS #ReactJS

Neat @devchattv #JavaScript episode with @MichaelNorth about #EmberJS ethos and approach:

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The eli4d Gazette – Issue 005

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Welcome to Issue 005 of the eli4d Gazette. You can find the newsletter archive at http://tinyletter.com/eli4d/archive and the blog at eli4d.com.

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The eli4d Gazette

Issue 005: 2016-05-11

Quick note about upcoming online JavaScript: Registration is opening on this coming Monday (5/16) for my online beginning programming JavaScript course that I am teaching. I will be covering JavaScript fundamentals. For course content info – check out the syllabus.

Tech Pick

Encryption has been a topic of debate from the early Clipper Chip days to now. But is encryption the issue or is it more about device access. Steve Gibson discusses the important difference in his The “Encryption” Debate article. Encryption is math, and this (math) long been out of its bottle. Making encryption intentionally weak makes everyone vulnerable. Strong encryption with lawful and mediated access is the key (pun intended :-)).

Media Pick

So this may seem like a somewhat crazy pick, but it truly is one of the best presentations that I have ever seen (I came across this through John Gruber’s site). It is 4 minutes and 31 seconds of pure awesome with a gentleman named Joe Smith who presents a TED talk on how to use a paper towel. There’s, of course, the ‘reduce waste’ message. But there’s much more from a pedagogical point where Mr. Smith demos his point several times (the repetition concept in play that’s reinforcing and entertaining) while engaging the audience, and giving them ways to remember his approach easily.