The eli4d Gazette – Issue 007

Issue 007: 2016-06-08

Tech Pick

I’ve been really enjoying Julia Evan’s charming technical blog. Julia describes her blog as:

AFAICT, the theme is “things Julia has learned recently”, which can be anything from Huffman coding to how to be happy when working in a remote job. When the posts are on a topic I don’t already know, I learn something new. When they’re on a topic I know, they remind me that the topic is exciting and contains a lot of wonder and mystery.

I like Julia’s ability to put herself out there in terms of what she’s learning and in honestly expressing her current thinking. She walks the path between the beginner’s mind and the beginning expert.

I liked the following recent article which fully shows Julia’s voice and enthusiasm, you might like it too:

Media Pick

I’m a big fan of The Changelog podcast, and they’ve recently introduced a brand new podcast about the Go programming language. The new podcast is called Go Time. It still getting its ‘legs’ but it has great promise. To access the show beyond the podcast:

If you’re wondering about Go: Go is a C-like language with a focus on conciseness, simplicity, and safety. I like the ability to easily run Go programs on every operating system. An example of such a program is the amazing Caddy web server.


Quick Post via Twitter: To explore a project – first #GoDocs then #source @GoTimeFM: #Golang Community Discussions with Cory LaNou #OSS #qp

To explore a project – first #GoDocs then #source
#Golang Community Discussions with Cory LaNou