The eli4d Gazette – Issue 008

Issue 008: 2016-06-22

Tech Pick

For the longest time, Internet Explorer 6 represented to me the epitome…the core of Microsoft as a company. To me, the soul and goal of IE6 were a perfect parallel to Microsoft as a company. Then everything changed with the hiring of Satya Nadella in 2014. Now granted, Microsoft had already had lots of initiatives in the pipeline but Satya has been instrumental in elevating projects that go beyond Microsoft’s operating system and other core products. I’m not sure what product best parallels Microsoft’s soul and goal these days, perhaps it is TypeScript, or maybe it’s Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. It’s certainly not IE6 anymore, and I can’t help but feel some sense of admiration for this leviathan.

My tech picks revolve around three podcast episodes that show this monumental change within Microsoft:

  • The first one is a JavaScript Jabber TypeScript episode with Anders Hejlsberg. Anders Hejlsberg is the core creator of Turbo Pascal which is a pretty amazing in terms of Microsoft’s hiring. After listening to this episode, I put TypeScript on my (rather long) “awesome stuff to explore” list. Some choices points in this podcast:
    • 08:11: “There’s state of the art JavaScript, and then there’s state of the web JavaScript, and there’s a gap in between, and that’s the gap that we aim to fill.”
    • 35:55: What skills do you need as a language designer?
    • 36:29: “If it’s simple, it’s easy to understand.”
    • 38:46: “If you had an unlimited budget and time resource – what kind of language would you design today?”
    • 41:54: Is the future of JavaScript (in terms of the creation of large JavaScript applications) found through other languages that are transpiled to JavaScript? (Hejlsberg makes an interesting point about a superset language such as TypeScript)
  • Imagine getting a cheap win10 laptop and firing up a bash shell as well as getting access to all kinds of goodness like Ruby, Python, and Node. This reality is almost here, and you can find out more through this excellent Changelog episode: Ubuntu Everywhere with Dustin Kirkland
  • TypeScript and Angular 2 sitting in a tree c o o p e r a t i n g – another JavaScript Jabber episode where a Googler from the Angular team discusses the changes in Angular 2 while being at Microsoft’s Build conference

Media Pick

The Changelog had an interesting episode with a blind programmer in terms of tools used, carving his own path in this field, and dealing with various restrictions and biases in his country of birth.