The eli4d Gazette – Issue 036

Tech Pick I came across this interesting question about choosing a development stack. The Question: When building a new web app, project, website, how do you choose your development stack? Nowadays there are hundreds of ways one could go about building the same project. I am a entry level software developer wanting to start a … Continue reading The eli4d Gazette – Issue 036

The eli4d Gazette – Issue 032

Tech Pick I’ve had Python on my brain lately due to heavy duty preparation for my upcoming online Python course. So coming across Instagram’s Python technology stack was interesting. The article begins with: Each day, over 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram. The unstoppable photo-centric social media platform has over 600 million … Continue reading The eli4d Gazette – Issue 032

The eli4d Gazette – Issue 008

Issue 008: 2016-06-22 Tech Pick For the longest time, Internet Explorer 6 represented to me the epitome…the core of Microsoft as a company. To me, the soul and goal of IE6 were a perfect parallel to Microsoft as a company. Then everything changed with the hiring of Satya Nadella in 2014. Now granted, Microsoft had … Continue reading The eli4d Gazette – Issue 008

How to create a static content server on Amazon S3

Overview In this tutorial I quickly go over creating a static site using S3. This should be a simple process and for the most part it is except Amazon’s security policy editor. There are many ways to control security in AWS and I beat my head against a wall for many hours trying to figure … Continue reading How to create a static content server on Amazon S3


Courses that I currently teach: I teach at Stanford Continuing Studies the following courses: Current/Upcoming Quarter Beginning Programming with JavaScript: On-campus course Beginning programming with Python: Online course *Pointers If you’re looking for class related information try the following links: teach, PHP, Javascript, Python. If you’re looking for where to go next after taking one … Continue reading Teaching