The eli4d Gazette – Issue 052: The Ship of Theseus & Building cross-platform apps in Python

The Ship of Theseus and Story Loops Imaginary Worlds is one of my favorite podcasts. The most recent episode was amazing in how it related the question of identity through the Ship of Theseus, Westworld, and Star Trek. There is much that I could say about it, but I think that it would be best … Continue reading The eli4d Gazette – Issue 052: The Ship of Theseus & Building cross-platform apps in Python

Holiday Recommendations/Reviews – 2017

Overview Season’s greetings – I hope you are doing well. This post is a retrospective on items that have been battle tested through my regular use. While there are many more products and services to review, I’ve tried to keep this review to 3 items in each category. Rating terminology: Naughty/Bad (👎) or Nice/Good (👍): … Continue reading Holiday Recommendations/Reviews – 2017

The eli4d Gazette – Issue 039

Tech Pick I’ve mentioned Julia Evans’ awesomeness in an Issue 14 and her neat zines where she draws cartoons/comics to explain technical concepts. In a recent blog post Julia goes over her steps for teaching technical concepts with cartoons. It’s a nice actionable article covering a fun approach to technical writing. She references Scott McCloud’s … Continue reading The eli4d Gazette – Issue 039

The eli4d Gazette – Issue 031

Tech Pick Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is currently running in San Jose. Two interesting points from Monday’s keynote: The keynote was peppered with hardware announcements iOS 11 gets a new developer API around augmented reality (ARKit) For those looking for a summary of the keynote: There’s a nice 19 minute YouTube video stitching together all … Continue reading The eli4d Gazette – Issue 031

The eli4d Gazette – Issue 020

Issue 020: 2016-12-08 Tech Pick The app economy is an evolving beast. In a recent episode of the Release Notes Charles and Joe interview Macpaw’s founder about a new consumer/developer service called Setapp. It’s a subscription-based approach to Mac applications. The idea is that as a consumer you pay $9.99 per month, and you have … Continue reading The eli4d Gazette – Issue 020