The eli4d Gazette – Issue 053: WWDC 2018 and the best 5-minute explanation of WebAssembly

WWDC 2018

Apple has its World Wide Developer Conference this week. As predicted by the rumor mills there have been no hardware releases. Some great coverage:

Bringing of machine learning into apps through CoreML looks very compelling as well as the updates to ARKit

Best 5 minute explanation of WebAssembly

WebAssembly is the future of browser-based applications achieving allowing apps to achieve native speeds. Browsers already have significant support for it but how it works and it’s current progress is still deep in the weeds.

The New Rustacean podcast covers the Rust programming language. During the first 5 minutes of latest episode, Chris Krycho, the show’s host, provides the best explanation of WebAssembly that I have ever heard. It is a worthwhile listen if you’re interested in this coming web standard.

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