The eli4d Gazette – Issue 042

Tech Pick

I’ve been using the Firefox browser for a very long time. It embodies the spirit of the Internet in both freedom and privacy. I’m not sure if this can be said of the other mass market browsers.

Mozilla, the non-profit behind Firefox, has come out with a new version of Firefox that is amazingly fast and stable. It is called Firefox Quantum and it’s ridiculously awesome.

So if you’ve grown tired of the slowness of your current browser – give Firefox Quantum a try (and you’ll also get excellent privacy controls too).

Media Pick

I’ve written about Net Neutrality before, and I feel the need to mention “one more thing” (especially since the FCC’s vote is coming up on December 14).

My favorite business podcast, Exponent, had a great discussion about the topic. While I don’t agree with Ben Thompson’s anti-title II position, I do respect his well-thought-out discussion points with James Allworth on the podcast.

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