The eli4d Gazette – Issue 039

Tech Pick

I’ve mentioned Julia Evans’ awesomeness in an Issue 14 and her neat zines where she draws cartoons/comics to explain technical concepts. In a recent blog post Julia goes over her steps for teaching technical concepts with cartoons. It’s a nice actionable article covering a fun approach to technical writing.

She references Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” book. Her post inspired me to read this book, and it’s a fantastic book covering the complex underpinnings of comics. I’ve undervalued comics for a very long time, though now I realize that my technical writing is similar to comic form (in terms of sequential art and conveying information with images and words).

Media Pick

The Imaginary Worlds podcast hit another one out of the park with an episode about the Disney’s development of the Haunted Mansion ride. This is an episode that any Disney fan will love.

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