The eli4d Gazette – Issue 029

Tech Pick

Two topics related to “making the Internet a better place”:

Net Neutrality is at jeopardy once again – please make your voice heard

Net Neutrality is at risk once again. The EFF summarizes the issue best with:

Network neutrality—the idea that Internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all data that travels over their networks fairly, without improper discrimination in favor of particular apps, sites or services—is a principle that must be upheld to protect the future of our open Internet. It’s a principle that’s faced many threats over the years, such as ISPs forging packets to tamper with certain kinds of traffic or slowing down or even outright blocking protocols or applications.

The FCC is seeking to dismantle Net Neutrality, and this is the time to state your objection to this attempt. The EFF has created a very easy form to fill out to comment on the FCC’s proposal.

You can find it here:

The open Internet is critical for our current and future generations. Please take 2 minutes to fill out and submit the above form.

Cloudflare Seems to Help Serve Hate on the Web

I’ve always thought of CloudFlare as a company that is out to make the internet a better place by protecting websites against a variety of attacks. However, I came across a disturbing article about Cloudflare that gives me significant pause (note that ProPublica has had an update regarding this issue, but Cloudflare has not really changed its stance). It seems that Cloudflare is a proxy for both infrastructure security solutions and hate groups.

I have much to say about Cloudflare’s actions and its discounting of both corporate values/responsibility by hiding behind a “we support free speech” flag. But this will have to wait for another (potential) post.

Neither you nor I can control Cloudflare’s actions. If your values align with Cloudflare’s current mode of operation, then Cloudflare should be your go-to company for infrastructure security.

If your values are on the opposite side of Cloudfare’s actions and decisions, then you may choose to:

  1. Recommend alternate technical solutions such as Fastly
  2. Contact Cloudflare’s investors and ask them if their values align with Cloudflare’s actions

I sincerely hope that Cloudflare will make active positive choices regarding its corporate responsibility and values.

Media Pick

I recently finished watching Haven through Netflix. The show is part X-Files and part Supernatural. I had originally chosen it because it had good ratings on Netflix in combination of being a series that had 3 or more seasons. It turned out to have really good character development and sufficient sci-fi/horror elements to keep me watching. Furthermore, the series had a decent closing story arc that tied everything together (and it even had a certain over-acting Star Trek character at the end 😉 ).

I was surprised that Haven was produced by the SyFy channel. I’ve always felt that when this channel changed its name from “Sci Fi” to “SyFy”, it went down hill moving from fantastic scifi shows like Battlestar Galactica to less than exciting works like Ghost Hunters. Of course, SyFy may be coming around to the monetary realization that the original fan base is more valuable than they thought.

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