The eli4d Gazette – Issue 021

Issue 021: 2017-01-18

New Year Related Pick

I heard a neat podcast episode from the Tiny Challenges site that was about 2017 intentions. The challenge itself is “three words of intentions for 2017”. I think it’s a nice challenge that isn’t as burdensome as the new year’s resolution approach.

If you’re looking for a more traditional goal based approach you might find the following article to be useful:

Media Pick

I’ve been thinking/struggling for quite a while about the nature and place of my canonical place. Manton Reece has been thinking of the same thing. Manton has come up with which will be a “timeline and publishing platform for the open web”. It’s an interesting idea and approach. Some information regarding this effort:

  • Kickstarter campaign: I’ve backed this project because I’m really interested in the book that he is writing about the open web and his approach to the canonical issue (besides the service).

  • Manton discussing the project on the Release Notes podcast: A very good discussion clarifying the intent and workings of this project.

  •’s about page

  • RSS will power the timeline of microblogs and Wikipedia has a good definition

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