The eli4d Gazette – Issue 015

Issue 015: 2016-09-28

Tech Pick

How is your code biased? How is your data biased? Is your sample set skewed? Do you even want to know that your sample data set is skewed? If your software affects more than you – then have you thought about all of your potential users?

The Ruby Rogues podcast has a great episode about equality, social justice and how these areas intersect with algorithms and big data. The examples given on the show (like Kodak’s photo color biasing for over fifty years) are quite amazing and sobering.

Media Pick

I promise that the Ruby Rogues podcast is not the only one I listen to. However, during the picks section of episode 277 (about Agile) Saron Yitbarek mentioned her Ruby Book Club podcast. This podcast is great as the hosts walk through their readings and challenges of a particular technical book. A good place to start is the Sandi Metz and Katrina Owen episode which begins the reading of the ’99 Bottle of OOP’.

The Sandi Metz episode was chock full of great information which I need to bookmark via my twitter feed.