The eli4d Gazette – Issue 010

Issue 010: 2016-07-20

Tech Pick

I came across a Peter Norvig article. It’s an interesting article and perspective that focuses on using deliberate practice on the craft of programming. Of course, the assumption is that one is approaching programming as a craft.

Freakonomics had two episodes about deliberate practice. The first episode is a conversation with the research psychologist (Andres Ericsson) that studied it. The second (bonus) episode is a conversation with the man who popularized the concept of deliberate practice (i.e. Malcolm Gladwell) and the differences between what he wrote about and what Andres’ research revealed.

Media Pick

The 99% Invisible podcast hits it out of the park with an episode about intentional unpleasant design in public spaces. The Unpleasant Design book looks like quite an interesting read.