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The eli4d Gazette

Issue 002: March 30, 2016

Tech Pick

I’ve been following the Laravel framework for quite a while and on a recent episode of The Laravel Podcast there is a great discussion about open source software, and whether whoever uses it should pay for it.

There is an inherent (bad) assumption that “open source” means “free”. Nadia Eghbal has been exploring this very issue. I came across Nadia’s work through the (excellent) Changelog podcast where Adam and Jerod interviewed her about her investigation into open source funding.

Edu Pick

I’m a big fan of Alton Brown’s cooking shows because of the brilliant way he explains things. In the same vain, comedian John Oliver did a brilliant job in explaining all of the issues around the Apple/FBI encryption through this 18-minute video: Oliver’s comedic explanation is brilliant in covering the nuances of this case and the overall issues of encryption and privacy. The Apple/FBI battle may be over, but unfortunately the war is just beginning.

Podcast Episode Pick

My pick is related to the Apple/FBI encryption issue and it comes from the brilliant Note to Self podcast. The episode (13 minutes) covers the issue from an author’s point of view. It’s a different perspective that is very eye opening and refreshing (as are most of Note to Self’s episodes).