Excellent Coverage of Vue.js and the Beard CSS Framework through Episode 33 of the Full Stack Radio Podcast

The Full Stack Radio podcast had an excellent episode covering Vue.js and a CSS framework named Beard through a discussion with David Hemphill.

I’ve mentioned Vue.js before. In this case, I like Hemphill’s discussion (starting at 11:19 of JavaScript fatigue and his reasons for using Vue.js. This discussion reminds me of the old days of switching from the obscure in-document symbology editors to full WYSIWYG type editor. In a sense Vue.js is the WYSIWYG equivalent to other JavaScript view interfaces/frameworks that obscure their operation with short codes of their own that will “do everything for you”.

I haven’t looked much at CSS frameworks but Hemphill’s pragmatic approach to product creation makes the Beard CSS framework interesting because he seems to apply the same pragmatic sensibilities to the creation of this framework. The discussion about Beard begins at 27:31.

As a side note – David Hemphill’s home page blurb about himself is really funny (besides the fine beard that he displays):

Builder of web things. Family man. I used to fight. I used to music. I’m an introvert, but I still like you.

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